To those who stop by at our farm, we offer the chance to see, in addition to the monastery and the museum of farming civilization, the pasta production cycle at the pasta factory. For this reason, the Cooperative is also a Educational Farm. The visits (over 3,000 people attending a year) are open to all, from elementary school children to middle school, up to university students, and farmers to shopkeepers and traveling visitors. Furthermore, you can take walks around the monastery or nearby, following the marked trails of the Cesane plateau.

We are located on the Cesane plateau, 550 meters above sea level between Urbino, Fossombrone and Isola del Piano, and 35 km from Pesaro and the same distance from Fano.

Nearby villages and cities of art
Urbino - 15 minutes
Fossombrone - 20 minutes
Urbania - 35 minutes
San Leo - 90 minutes
Cagli/Frontone/Fonte Avellana - 30 minutes/ 40 minutes/60 minutes
Fano - 40 minutes
Pesaro - 40 minutes

Easily accessible nature parks
- Monti delle Cesane ( where we are located)
- Monte Catria
- Monte Nerone
- Riserva Statale della Gola del Furlo www.parks.it/riserva.statale.gola.furlo
- Alpe della Luna www.parks.it/riserva.alpe.luna
- Parco Naturale Monte San Bartolo www.parks.it/parco.monte.san.bartolo
- Grotte di Frasassi www.frasassi.com
- Parco Naturale del Conero (Sirolo and le due Sorelle) www.parks.it/parco.conero
- Parco Nazionale dei Sibillini www.sibillini.net
- For more information: www.turismo.marche.it