‘Visions can’t be explained. When it is time, one can talk about them, sing them out or shout them. It all depends what they’re about,’ Gino Girolomoni

An illustrious guest has this to say: ‘… there is no need to go there expecting to find an hotel. There is something more there, something different and less refined even, where “those who want a hotel” will feel out of place.’ Guido Ceronetti

The Monastery of Montebello was founded in 1380 by the Blessed Pietro Gambacorta da Pisa and with it, the Girolamini order was born.
After 600 years, by now reduced to ruins, it was brought back to life by Gino and Tullia. Over a period of forty years, they managed to rebuild every part: the Church of the Holy Trinity, two large halls, the cellar, which is now a museum of Traditional Farming Civilisation, a cloister with well and cistern, plus some rooms which have become accommodation for our guests, making three rooms and two studio apartments, for a total of 15 beds.

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