This is what an expert food and wine journalist had to say about us: ‘…These dishes have an excellent balance and above all, they elevate their ingredients, telling the historical organoleptic story of the inn that Gino built as a pantry and a reflection of the farm …’ Davide Eusebi, from “il Resto del Carlino” 2016

The cuisine at the inn starts with tradition, creating dishes with traditional origins but which also develop them, for fresh, healthy cuisine made only using organic ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.

The menu is limited to some 15 dishes, which change according to the season, following a policy of “a few but excellent”.

The nearby Urbino organic restaurant offers you a chance to taste millet patties with lemon mayonnaise, panino with slow-cooked, spit-roasted pork, lasagne with potato and beet, panzanella and celery. Our first courses focus more on our own durum wheat pasta, Senator Cappelli, Graziella Ra and spelt. The cream of the creations prepared by our chef, Andrea is spaghettone with garlic, oil and chilli peppers, in a new version that is perfect for bringing out the full flavour of the pasta. And of course, the unmissable Montebello chicken, slow-cooked rabbit and much, much more. …

We also provide vegan or vegetarian dishes on request.

For information and reservations: 339 8270755 - 0721/720126